Finding A Professional Termite Control Company

Termite inspection Melbourne_Bayswater Pest Control

Among the most notorious pests that invade domestic premises, termites seem to be the worst. They alone own the credit of causing property damage in Melbourne worth millions every year. To make things worse, the devastation left behind by them is covered by only a handful of home-owners policies. Their presence can often go undetected for years until the signs of damage starts to show. Regular inspection is the only means of catching these detrimental pests early, and a reputed pest management firm can help in tackling a termite infestation by doing so.

If you plan to sought the services of such a company for treating your home, not only will they conduct thorough inspections, but also provide a guarantee for their work. Here are a few tips as to how you can find a professional firm for Termite Control in Melbourne:

  • The first thing that you will need is to find whether the company you are considering has a good reputation or not. For that, check with your local or state pest control association if any complaints have been filed against the firm you are planning to hire.
  • Another measure is to go through the reviews and testimonials posted on the website of the company.
  • Ask the company about their insurance policy. Firms that do not have a liability insurance are counting on you for not inquiring about it. If they fail to provide a proper insurance, do not waste your time and money by hiring them.
  • Make enquiries about a yearly contract. Be aware of the fact that yearly contracts do not mean that the company will provide annual treatments. Most companies do not provide a second termite treatment in Melbourne.unless the infestation makes a U-turn during the contract period. But it is mandatory for a firm to perform regular inspections.
  • Request the firm if they can perform a free inspection before you hire them. This can help you to select a suitable company when you are considering several reputable professionals. However, you will have to pay a certain amount if you ask for a report on the inspection.
  • Ask the firm for a brochure which must contain details about the services provided by them, such as chemical treatment methods, deployment of bait stations, woodwork repairing, guarantees, etc.

There are many companies in Melbourne who provide reliable termite control services. However, some scam associations have been trying to cheat people with their fake services in the recent times. So, always take your time to check a pest management company thoroughly before finalising your decision to hire them.


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