Cockroach Pest Control in Melbourne: Why and How

ockroach pest control Melbourne
Cockroaches can be found in every part of the world. There are more than three thousand species of cockroaches; the most common variety being the American, Oriental and German cockroaches in Australia. American cockroaches are black and big. Oriental cockroaches are medium in size and are dark brown to black. German cockroaches, on the other hand, are brown in colour and smaller in size.

Cockroach identification

  • Oval-shaped body
  • Six legs
  • Fast moving
  • Long antennae
  • Winged
  • Flat & low-lying body

Cockroach can spread diseases

Cockroaches are thought to spread many diseases to human beings like gastroenteritis, salmonella, streptococcus and staphylococcus. These pests can even harbour viruses like polio virus. They eat all kinds of foods ranging from food spills on kitchen floor to rotten garbage and faecal matter. As a result, ingested bacteria survive in the digestive system of the cockroach and are passed in their droppings. When cockroaches vomit and defaecate on food – that food gets contaminated. When human beings eat that food the disease gets transmitted. Studies have proved that cockroaches can cause allergies as well.

A cockroach infestation should be treated with a combination of effective insecticide and good hygiene practices. Experts in cockroach pest control in Melbourne must be contacted with for treating cockroaches.

Places where cockroaches hide in house

These creepy pests usually like to live in food preparation areas so that they can have an access to water and food spills. The places where they usually hide include:

  • cracks in walls
  • cardboard boxes or newspapers
  • furniture items, which are left undisturbed
  • below sinks
  • confined spaces
  • kitchen cupboards
  • in grease traps and drains
  • around water heaters
  • gardens

What to do to keep your house cockroach-free?

A local company that deals with residential pest control in Melbourne can offer you some tips and advice on how to deal with cockroach infestation. Here are some general suggestions, which you can follow for getting rid of cockroaches yourself:

  • Clean the house thoroughly at least once in every week
  • Pay attention to food preparation areas
  • Clean the confined spaces of your house regularly like underneath your stove, fridge, toaster and movable appliances
  • Clean food spills quickly
  • Don’t leave food scraps in bowls while putting them down in sink for washing
  • Empty the rubbish of kitchen regularly
  • Ensure there isn’t any water source like dripping pipe because cockroaches need water to survive
  • Repair any crack, hole or gap in walls, inside cupboards and skirting boards
  • Store food in tight sealed containers
  • Don’t stack magazines, newspapers or cardboard boxes in house
  • Use the right insecticide and follow the instructions of the manufacturer
  • Use physical traps or cockroach baits

You can also seek the help of a licensed and qualified professional who specialises in pest control in Melbourne to get rid of cockroaches from your home. They will determine the kind, source & extent of infestation and make use of registered insecticides for controlling cockroaches. They may also recommend you to follow good hygiene practices for reducing the risk of further cockroach infestations.


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