Different Kinds of Upholstery Services

upholstery Sydney
Upholstery is typically the work of providing seats with springs, padding, webbing and leather covers or fabric. Airplane, automobile, boat, commercial and domestic furniture pieces can be upholstered. Upholstery works can be divided into various categories:

Traditional Upholstery

This is a craft that evolved over centuries for covering and padding up chairs, sofas and seats. Lashings, springs, stuffing of animal hair, hessians, wools, grasses and coir, stuffing ties, scrims, blind stitching, top stitching, a solid wood platform, bridle ties and flocks were used for the upholstery work. Stitching and everything was done by hand. At that time, there were no sewing machines, plastic foam or synthetic fabrics.

Automobile Upholstery

Automobile upholstery consists of the car seats with padding, webbing, springs, leather covers or fabrics. The person who is skilled in automobile upholstery work is called a coachtrimmer, motor trimmer or just a trimmer. Other than doing the upholstery works, the person can even work with carpet. The term coahtrimmer is derived from the days when the manufacturers used to produce the car frames and deliver it to the coachbuilders for adding car body and the interior trimmings. The trimmers would only produce carpets, soft furnishings, roof linings and soft tops. Afterwards, the trim shops were an in-house part of production line.

Commercial Upholstery

Commercial upholstery is the kind of the upholstery work that’s provided to businesses and commercial centres. The seats of restaurants, hospitals, clinics, retail shops, institutions, offices, pubs, churches, hotels, motels, etc. fall in this category. Upholstered walls are even found in a few retail premises.

Marine Upholstery

Marine upholstery works consists of covering or re-covering vessel furniture like the furniture of boats, ships, yachts and watercrafts with high quality fabric suitable for marine usage. A material, which is cold-cracking and UV resistant is generally the choice. Stainless steel hardware like screws and staples can even be used for a quality job; and wood that’s used in the upholstery work should be of marine quality. Usually, a high-density and high resiliency plastic foam that has a thin film of plastic over it is to be used for keeping out water, which might get by the seams.

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