Choosing the Right Fabric for Your New Couch

Couch upholstery Sydney
When you are planning to buy a couch and you really wish to purchase something that would last longer, then it is important that you consider the fact that upholstery fabric plays a significant role in determining the longevity of the furniture. Many furniture companies have a grading system for fabric, which scales from the most durable to the less durable one. However, sometimes even reputed companies may try selling you a couch upholstered with a low quality material. Therefore, if you want to avoid additional expenses and trouble of reupholstering, you must imperatively choose a material that is durable right away.

Here are a few things that you should consider when choosing a fabric for couch upholstery in Sydney:

Choose Medium or Heavy Use Fabric

Ask the sales agent at the store whether the material of the couch you are considering is for heavy, medium or light use. Going for heavy use is generally important if you have kids or pets at your house, or an active lifestyle, or both. Polyesters, some commercial blends and chenille can be quite durable choices. A blend of fibers like cotton, polyester and rayon can further enhance longevity.

Consider Colour of The Couch

Select the colour of the upholstery fabric strategically. Ask yourself whether you get bored with dramatic or saturated colours quickly. If yes is your answer, then you should go for solid colours. Yellow, turquoise and pink are generally used for making a fashion statement. Certain colours can be used for creating specific moods. For instance, denim, navy or dark blue are perfect for a beach house.

Avoid Textures That are Overly Dimensional

There are plenty of different textures available in today’s market. However, when selecting a particular texture, remember that the upholstery will consistently be compressed and so avoid choosing a texture that is overly dimensional because it will get altered in course of time.

Go for Bold Patterns

Earlier, people do not used to prefer bold patterns. But nowadays, bold patterns are being included in most embellishing styles such as nomad, ethnic and geometric. So, you can see many couches and their fabrics in bold patterns nowadays. If you like a certain pattern, choose it on the condition that it would not conflict with the shape of your couch. For instance, if you have a sofa that has straight lines, straight or geometric patterns must be your choice.


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