Problems Related to Menopause and Traditional Chinese Medicine


Among the conventional treatments offered to women going through perimenopause, hormone replacement therapy is the most common. Physicians often prescribe it to get relief from the discomforts that accompany the onset of menopause. However, some women cannot or are reluctant to take hormones. For them, Traditional Chinese Medicine is a great alternative choice to get rid of menopausal problems. Practitioners of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Northern Beaches treat every patient individually and follow a holistic approach by taking the physical as well as emotional symptoms into account. They may often include one or a combination of acupuncture, herbal medicine, acupressure, dietary suggestions and lifestyle recommendations.

A professional of Chinese Medicine examines the various symptoms as per the complaints of the patient and then tries to find specific emotional conditions related to the symptoms. Moreover, each symptom is properly understood and also interpreted to find its relation with the others. Thus any therapy or combination of treatments prescribed specifically targets the root causes.

In the theory of Chinese medicine, women having certain imbalances or deficiencies in their body are at the risk of developing acute menopausal syndromes in future, such as the kidney yin deficiency. Common symptoms associated with these deficiencies include heart palpitations and insomnia. Acupuncture supplemented with specific herbal formulas can provide relief from elevated blood pressure levels and improve sleep disorders.

It is often noticed that women suffering from menopausal issues experience regular headaches, chronic hot flashes and night sweats. Some may even have bouts of depression, become aggressive, get irritated with everything and have emotional breakdowns. Treatment with acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine combined stimulates the brain and initiates the production of neurohormones and natural pain-killers, which gradually eliminate the problematic symptoms and eases the stage of perimenopause.

The analysis and regulation of dietary habits is another fundamental principle followed by practitioners of Traditional Chinese Medicine for treating menopausal complaints. Some elaborate researches in the field of women’s health in Northern Beaches suggests that soy food products contain certain chemical compounds known as phytoestrogens. These compounds are similar to the naturally produced estrogens in a human body and can replace the harmful environmental estrogens with natural estrogens by binding with the estrogen receptors inside the body. Therefore, practitioners advise consuming soy beans and other food products rich in phytoestrogen to women with menopausal problems. Higher levels of estrogen act like a cushion to the discomforting stage before as well as after menopause and also prevents future occurrence of problematic symptoms.


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