Differences Between Residential and Commercial Designs

The technique used in making architectural design of a proposed residential project is greatly different from that involved in commercial architecture. Residential architecture entirely focuses on creating designs that meet the fundamental needs of a family, such as self-expression and shelter. On the other hand, commercial architecture and design incorporates such features in its process which help in successful integration of the building into its surrounding neighbourhood. The design also needs to be suitable enough so that the resultant structure can be used to provide services to tenants for individual business purposes. Besides these primary distinctions, there are some other differences between residential and commercial architectural design as well.

Residential DesignsThe process of residential architectural design actually starts with an architect but ultimately ends with an interior designer. The architect is responsible for ensuring safety as well as integrity of the house, the compliance of its features with the standards and building codes and accurate functioning of the infrastructure from electricity to plumbing. After the architect’s work is complete, the interior designer springs into action. He or she provides appropriate colours and textures to the space for creating a congenial, comfortable and safe living environment. Both the architect and the interior designer needs to have a good working relation with building contractors, engineers and other people in the construction industry who would cooperate in transforming the design into a practical and functional space.

commercial DesignsSpeaking about commercial architects, quite many of their responsibilities are of the same nature as their residential counterparts. But the overall work of a commercial architect is greatly elaborate and extensive. A business building may resemble a condominium in its appearance, but its infrastructural needs are significantly distinct, like there may be elevators for passengers as well as freights, loading docks, meeting rooms, larger parking spaces, cafeterias and many others. There are different types of commercial architects who specialize in the designing of various commercial building types. Those specialising in the designing of factory constructions must take care of the safety, security and cleanliness while preparing their plan. The design of healthcare and medical facilities requires the specialising architect to consider cleanliness as the key factor among all others. Planning the architectural designs for accommodation and entertainment facilities such as hotels, dance clubs, casinos, etc., necessitates the teamwork of architects, technicians and interior designers. Retail architecture is yet another type of commercial architectural design and it incorporates several elements of industrial design, interior decoration, graphic design, advertising and ergonomics.


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