Plan Your Next Holiday in Fraser Island


Fraser Island is basically a part of Fraser Coast area. Its rainforest and unusual sand formation make the place a great adventure spot for the visitors. Although the place is popular among fishermen & 4WD enthusiasts, it’s the Aboriginal heritage and history, which gives the Island its own attribute, expressed through fresh water lakes, coloured sand and a wide range of flora & wildlife.

It has been listed in 1992 as a World Heritage site and is situated just off the Queensland coast of Hervey Bay, which is 350km north of the city of Brisbane approximately. Basically, it is a 4wd vehicle territory spanning 124 kms & covering about an area of more than 160,000 hectares. The beauty of the Island can leave visitors spellbound and captivated.

You will find no place that’s quite like this Island in the whole world. When you reach there you will simply wonder at its natural beauty as well as all good things that it offers. Mysterious, beautiful and moody, it is the perfect subject for photography. It is also a wonderful place to watch birds, fauna & flora and an oasis especially if you visit the place during the summers. The Island is the home to about two hundred species of different kinds of birds and twenty-five species of different kinds of mammals. Annual migration of the humpback whales from the region of Antarctica to warm waters off Queensland also makes the place a unique one.

The waters that fringe the Fraser Island’s coastline have actually been the piece of land for about fifty shipwrecks, most popular one being the Maheno. Today, remains of ships rusted just lie on beach and these are very popular among visitors who come to the island. Other than this, there are a plenty of things to do on the Island like fishing, boating, swimming on the lakes or beaches, bush walking, four wheel driving and sightseeing all the natural surroundings.

So, it would be well worth planning your next holiday in this Island even if you live far away from this region.  You can find many tour operators who will offer everything from whale watching tours with accommodation to Fraser Island packages in Hervey Bay at a very affordable rate. Just compare the packages and opt for the one that you find is best.


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