Fabrics for Marine Upholstery

Marine UpholsteryThere are different kinds of marine upholstery fabrics available in the market. The best part about these fabrics is that they are durable and need very low maintenance. And the best fabrics among the different varieties are generally resistant to sunlight and moisture. Here you will get to know about the different kinds of marine upholstery fabrics that are used nowadays.

The most favoured fabric choice for marine upholstery in Northern Beaches is heavy vinyl. Vinyl is quite cheap and is ideal for repelling moisture from a marine vessel. It is also tough and resilient, which means that vinyl can easily be fitted around any structure with ease. The vinyl fabrics manufactured for boating industry are coated with a special finish that resists dust and dirt. Therefore, vinyl does not need extensive maintenance and can be cleaned very easily. As a marine upholstery fabric, vinyl also tends to be more durable than most other fabric types. Damaged or torn vinyl fabric can be repaired without replacement. For restoration purposes, many fabric supplying shops even sell vinyl repair kits. which are available in various colours and thicknesses.

Another common fabric used for marine upholstery is heavyweight canvas. This fabric type facilitates circulation of air for the fact that it is woven. Therefore for accidental seepage of water or penetration of moisture, canvas fabric can dry out real quick. Thick cotton canvas also has a long lifespan and treated canvas fabric can repel moisture.

Laminated fabrics such as acrylic are ideal as well for upholstery in marine vessels. Besides being resistant to water and naturally tough, these fabrics are also fire and friction resistant, which are added bonuses when considering marine upholstery. Sometimes they are also treated with finishes for added protection against bacteria and mould growth. The only drawback of laminated fabrics is that they can sometimes be an expensive choice as compared to canvas or vinyl.

Mesh is also another kind of popular marine upholstery fabric. It is originally woven out of polyvinyl chloride. It features a loose construction and are designed to dry out very quickly in case of water or moisture seepage. Mesh fabric comes in a wide range of makes, weights and colours.


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