How to Control and Prevent Infestation of Bees?

Bee Pest Control Melbourne Although beneficial to the environment in a number of ways, there are several dangers that can come from a bee hive thriving near your house, in your garden or lawn. These pests can be greatly destructive as well as threatening. Swarms of bees often invade gardens and houses during the spring season looking for food and shelter. Among them, the most common species are the honey and the carpenter bees. The nest of a bee can pose a serious threat to the safety of children. Small kids may get fascinated by the bee hive and touch it, at which moment the bees will attack. Carpenter bees tend to dig holes in the walls of wooden houses, thus causing structural damage to property.

Before taking steps to keep away bees from the domestic premises, it is essential to recognise the specific species of the bees dwelling close to the house. Sometimes, bees can be misidentified as wasps because both of them have similar physical features. The eliminative and preventive measures for bees and wasps are different, therefore effective treatment depends upon accurate identification. Prior to the application of any kind of bee control method, one must also analyse the dangers and limitations linked with that particular method.

The sole method of bee pest control in Melbourne is to eliminate the bee hive completely from the premises. This should be done with the help of a professional bee keeper or a pest controller. Bee keepers often do the task of removing the hive as well as the bees, without harming the bees. They may do it free of cost or charge a nominal fee, which depends on the bee hive’s location and effort put in for removing them. In some cases, the bee keeper may not be willing or able to take away the nest. The aid of a pest controller or exterminator may then be sought for, who will usually terminate the bees prior to removing the hive.

Once the bees have been removed, steps should be taken to prevent future infestations. The exterior walls of the house should be checked for fissures and crevices. These should then be sealed up using caulk so that bees may not set up inside them. Any wall cavity should also be filled up with expandable foam. Traces of the previous hive such as beeswax or honey should be removed immediately because bees get attracted to them. Natural bee repellents such as citronella plants, cucumber peels, etc. can also help to keep bees away.


One thought on “How to Control and Prevent Infestation of Bees?

  1. My husband and I recently moved to Arizona and the amount of bees around our house is crazy! I’m always afraid when my kids go outside for the fear that they will get stung. I didn’t know that you could hire someone for bee removal! That sounds much more effective than my husband with a can of hairspray. Thanks for the tips!

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