Pests Birds – Signs of Infestation and Control Measures

commercial bird control Although birds form an exquisite and important portion of our environment, there are some species like sparrows, pigeons, starlings, etc. that are considered as pests owing to the damage which they cause to commercial establishments. Businesses and agencies are forced to spend thousands of dollars annually for the cleaning of the mess made by pest birds and also for repair works of the damage they cause. Most pest birds build nests in the ventilation systems and roofs of buildings. The debris that is left behind from the roosts usually brings about severe damage to commercial structures. Basically, the droppings of birds are acidic in nature and therefore corrode the materials used in buildings. Faeces of birds and the harmful parasitic insects which spread from their nests even carry around 60 different types of transmittable diseases.

Most of the pest birds are typically diurnal and the evidences of their invasion can easily be identified.

There are several signs to detect the presence of pest birds in the business premise:

Presence of nests in ventilators, crevices or small cavities in the building.
Bird droppings in form of hardened as well as fan-shaped sprayed faeces on walls and ledges.
Abundance of insects and other associated pests like fleas, rats, flies, etc.
Unpleasant stench in and around the place.

Fortunately, there are several options and measures that can be utilised to get rid of pest birds and prevent them from roosting inside commercial properties. Some of the commercial bird control measures are as follows:

Modification of Favourable Habitat Conditions – This can be done by removing all types of food sources to discourage the entry of birds looking for food. Securing garbage in covered trash bins can prevent pest birds from accessing food from the waste. Repairing leaky taps and blocked drains will decrease availability of water for these birds. Trees growing around the place should also be pruned regularly. Mesh screens should also be installed over exhaust and bathroom vents.

Coils and Spikes – Installation of coils, spikes and wires around the ledges will do a good job in keeping the pest birds at bay.

Repellents – There are various kinds of bird repellents in the form of gels and foggers. Sticky gels repels birds and prevent them from perching and nesting. Foggers are useful in dispersing all types of pest birds.

Electric barriers – They can be installed around ledges and roofs. These devices usually transmit a small static shock to birds when their feet comes into contact with it.


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