Has Your Vinyl Floor Been Damaged? Repairing Is Easy If You Follow These Steps

Vinyl flooring is very popular because it is durable and affordable. It isn’t indestructible. Sliding back a chair may snag as well as rip it while dropping off of sharp objects may gouge the material easily. High heels are quite notorious for puncturing even the toughest flooring if there is even a slightest void in sub floor under it. However, repairing the vinyl floor is not that tough and needs a bit more than a utility knife. Here are the techniques to repair vinyl tile and sheet vinyl-the two primary varieties of vinyl floor.
Vinyl  floor

Here is where you should start with-evaluating the damage. How you are going to repair your vinyl floor will depend on what type you have and how it is damaged. With vinyl tile, your approach must simply be to replace the marred tiles. On the other hand, with the sheet vinyl, getting rid of the damage needs patching in the new material or fusing surface. Small scratches and cuts may be fused permanently using the liquid seam sealer. Clean the region using a soft cloth, which is dipped in the lacquer thinner, then squeeze in thin bead of the sealer. Once sealer dries up, the repair will be invisible. For burns or tears, you will need to cut the damaged part and glue in the replacement patch. This kind of job needs an extra piece of flooring that’s identical and a technique known as double cutting.

Patching the sheet vinyl is the next major step. For repairing the floor, the double cutting technique needs to be used. So, start by taping the replacement patch over the damaged part. Ensure to place the patch so that its pattern matches well with the existing one. Position a straight edge on top of patch and line it up in centre of one of the lines. Then make use of an utility knife for cutting along straight edge through both patch and flooring. To get the best results, use brand-new blade and hold knife in a vertical position. The remaining cuts should be made around patch in a similar way cutting along the pattern lines of flooring. Then, remove patch & peel up damaged section. If the floor is perimeter bonded, the piece is going to come up easily as it isn’t glued down. If it is adhered fully, the piece is to be scraped up with scraper or putty knife. Then move further by spreading mastic onto plywood sub floor with notched trowel. On the perimeter-bonded floors, lift up flooring around cut out & spread mastic under edges. Then press patch into place, cover it up using wax paper & weigh it with some heavy books. Wait for about a day for mastic to get dried up. Then use liquid seam sealer to all joints around patch. Result will be almost undetectable.

If you think all these is not your cup of tea, then get in touch with a professional who specialises in the jobs of vinyl repairs in Perth. The pro will fix the vinyl floor for you quickly.

Vinyl laying


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