Looking to Replace Vinyl Upholstery on Your Boat Seats?

Marine Upholstery

Do you own a boat that has ratty looking vinyl seats? If yes, this is something that any visitor aboard your board would notice. It is in fact a pity for you then. Make sure to replace your vinyl boat upholstery as part of your yearly maintenance program. Taking care of the upholstery either at the start or at the end of boating session, replacing torn, worn and discoloured vinyl upholstery is typically a project, which can improve the appearance of the interior of your boat.

You can find many companies that specialize in jobs that are related to marine upholstery in Northern Beaches. You just need to find a reputed and professional company that can get your job done. Luxafoam North is one such company in Northern Beaches. So, if you are looking for a company that can help you with replacing the vinyl upholstery on your boat seats, look no further than Luxafoam North. They can custom make seat covers for boat and other maritime vessels.

However, if you want, you can also do the job of replacing the vinyl upholstery on your boat seats all by yourself. The things you will need for doing this job include pliers, foam padding, glue, chalk, heavy-duty stapler, scissors, pencil, marine vinyl and flat blade screwdriver.

You will first have to lift the seat cushion from the seat out of the frame and then turn cushion over so that plywood base of cushion has its face up. Remove staples, which hold vinyl upholstery in place on plywood cushion base by inserting flat blade of the screwdriver under staple & twisting. Then grasp staple with pliers & pull it free from plywood. After this, remove old vinyl and old foam padding from plywood.

Lay the new marine vinyl sheet, which is to replace the old upholstery face down on a flat surface. Lay old vinyl face down on top of new marine vinyl. Trace all around old vinyl upholstery using a pencil. Cut the new marine vinyl along pencil outline old vinyl using scissors.

Then lay old foam padding on new foam padding sheet. Trace outline of old padding into new one with a chalk. Cut the new one along the outline. Put a few drops of glue in middle of plywood cushion base. Press new foam pad into place on plywood cushion base. Let glue to set.

Next, lay the trimmed, new vinyl face on flat surface. Invert plywood cushion base & foam & set it on new marine vinyl. Center foam on vinyl.

Fold an edge of vinyl upward onto plywood cushion base. Staple edge of vinyl to plywood using heavy-duty stapler. Fold opposite edge of vinyl upward, tightly pulling it. Staple edge of plywood. Repeat until all 4 edges of vinyl are stapled to plywood cushion base. Return seat cushion to seat frame.

Marine Boat


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