Problems You May Often Face With Your Car

 Vehicle Repair Services_South Hedland Motors
If you have a car, it is quite common that you will face different kinds of problems. But don’t get tensed when you face them. There are many
car repair services in South Hedland that can help you make your car run well again. Here are some typical car related issues that you may face. Keep in mind that when you come across such problems. The only thing you need to do is take your car to a repair centre.


  • Worn steering components like ball joint or idler and/or misaligned front wheels. This causes difficulty steering in a straight line

  • Pulling, which means the car will have a tendency to steer to either the right or the left side. This is generally caused by under-inflated tires or a misaligned or damaged front end.

Riding and handling

  • Poor cornering is a common problem. This is often caused due to worn shock absorbers, improper tire inflation etc. Although there isn’t any hard and fast rule about when to replace the shock absorbers, you can still try out this test. Bounce the car up and down hard at every wheel and let it go. Observe the number of times the car bounces. The weak shocks will enable the car to bounce twice or even more.

  • The spring may get damaged. Usually springs do not wear; they don’t even need replacement unless one corner of the car is lower than others. But overloading the car may damage the springs.

  • A car may vibrate. This is mainly caused due to improperly balanced or unbalanced tire. This can even wear the steering and the suspension components. Balancing the tires properly is thus very essential.


  • The car pulls to one particular side when the brakes are used.

  • Brake pedal sinks to the floor when pressure is maintained

  • The brake light on the instrument panel is lit.

  • A scraping sound or grinding feeling is experienced at the time of braking


  • Difficulty in starting the engine

  • Poor acceleration

  • Check engine light on the instrument panel is lit

  • Poor fuel economy

  • Rough stalling or idling

  • Too much oil use

  • The engine still runs after removing the key


  • Hard or abrupt shifts between the gears

  • No or delayed response when shifting from neutral gear to drive or from drive to neutral.

  • Failure to shift at the time of normal acceleration

  • Slippage at the time of acceleration. The engine speeds up, but the car doesn’t respond.


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