Advantages of Using a Foam Mattress

foam SydneyThere are several advantages of using a foam mattress. These kinds of mattresses are considered therapeutic. They help people with everything right from arthritis to joint and bone disorders for getting a good sleep at night. The foam mattresses particularly the memory foam mattresses can readjust themselves while sleeping helping to keep the body in right alignment.

The advantages of using a foam mattress include cleanliness, comfort, cost and relief from allergies.


Because of the tight cell structure in the foam, there is actually no place for the dust mites as well as bed bugs to live in the mattresses. Mattresses are covered with cotton cover/zippered poly, which you can remove easily for cleaning if needed.


The foam mattresses are a lot more comfortable. They have no pressure points against body to cause discomfort. There are various levels of comfort available in these foam mattresses-medium, firms and soft. It is upon you which one you want to opt for. It is great for couples. It gives each of the partners’ an individual support in the body. Moreover, foam doesn’t allow motion to transfer from one side of bed to another. If any one of the partners has a restless night, the other one will not be affected. He or she will have undisturbed sleep.

The foam mattresses helps sleeper attain a perfect sleeping posture. Sleeping in right manner solves many spinal problems in long run. Foam mattresses can relieve pain, soreness and body aches as well.


Mattresses made up of foam are less expensive than traditional mattresses. So, if you use mattresses made up of Dunlop foam in Sydney, you can save a lot of your money.

Relief from allergies

Memory mattress is made up of polyurethane foam, which provides relief from allergies. The foam is made from inorganic fibers, which prevent allergy that cause dust mites from setting as.


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