Tips to Follow for Poster Printing in Brisbane

poster printingNowadays we have become so used to the world being digital that we in Brisbane have forgotten how to prepare our work for printing posters. However, if you are planning to do a run of posters for a party, campaign, gig or just to adorn the walls, here is a guide to printing a poster.

Follow the below mentioned tips if you want to print posters in Brisbane with confidence without the guy in the printing shop laughing at you!

Work in a CMYK color space: If you are making your own poster designs with the intent of taking these to a poster printing shop in Brisbane, work in a CMYK color space and not RGB. If you have worked in RGB, you can convert it to CMYK just before sending the file for poster printing. But if you have converted, you will see the blues and greens in the image to have become dull and lifeless. You can use the gamut warning tool of Photoshop for highlighting the colors.

Print files must be set to 300dpi: Files that are to be printed must be big. Poster printing shops often sent back the work to the concerned person for the resolution of the files being too low. Files, which are to be printed, must at least be of 3000dpi. If the resolution is too low, the end result happens to be a pixilated and blurred poster.

Set the right size for printing poster: Popular sizes for poster printing include A2, A3 and A4. Don’t go for any other size than these. Discuss with your printer the weight and paper choice. 150gsm or 170gsm Gloss Art FSC or Silk are great choices.

Supply files in the right format: Supply the print files in PDF format or tiffs with no compression at 300dpi. JPEGs can also be sent but only if they are of high resolution.

Litho vs digital printing: There are two choices of poster printing: litho or digital. This choice will however depend on the money you have for the job and how immediate you want it to get done. In litho printing, the initial outlay may be a bit expensive but it is ideal for a large print run. It provides high quality print than digital printing. On the other hand, digital printing with laser printers or inkjet is cheaper. It is good for smaller print runs.

Get blacks right: There are different kinds of black that can be used in poster printing. Avoid using RGB black. It will look washed out and grey when printed. The black that you should use depends on the poster printing method and the kind of paper stock that is being used.

Other tips

  • The logos and text must not be placed closer to the trim edge. It might get chopped off the final printed output.
  • The poster must be designed using vector based program like Adobe Illustrator. This will reduce the file size and help you get the crispest print result.

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