When Should You Re-Stretch Your Carpet?

re stretching carpet in PerthCarpeting makes the walking surface smooth. It provides great comfort to the bare feet. It can last for several years if it is cleaned and maintained properly. But it should be re-stretched after few years of use. Carpets are basically held down to subfloor by tack strips along the edge of floor. To determine if stretching is needed, you must do some careful observation.

Discussed below are a few things, which you should have a closer look at in order to know whether you need to re stretch. If you find you need to get the job done, get in touch with a reputable and expert company that does re stretching carpet in Perth.


The carpet may have cuts or other sort of damages to its base structure depending on its depth. If the base is spoiled in large portion, it may cause the surrounding portion of the carpet to get loose as well. Have a look at the carpet fibers to see whether there are any signs of cut to base. If you think, flashlight can help you to look closer into carpet pile, do so. In any case if you find a big cut, you should get it re stretched immediately.

Wrinkles and lumps

It is not only the cuts or other kinds of damage that may require re stretching to be done. If you have a look at the rug, you may see visible wrinkles and lumps. They are the result of years of usage or moving heavy furniture from or to that area. These lumps or wrinkles can cause one to topple causing serious injury. Re stretching becomes necessary when lumps or wrinkles are formed on the carpet’s surface.


Have a look at the edges of the carpet. The carpet must be stuck to the edges of the room with tack strips. These are the strips which hold carpet in its place. Walk all over the room and view the edges. If any portion of the carpet is uplifted at the edge, keep in mind that it needs to be re stretched. Carpets that loosen from tack strips are surely going to become loose over time.


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