What Is Noise-Induced Hearing Loss And How To Prevent It?

We experience sounds like sounds from radio, TV, traffic and household appliances almost every day. These are sounds, which are usually set at a safe level. They don’t damage the hearing. But there are a few sounds, which turn out to be harmful if they become too loud. You may experience it for a short span of time if not long, but still they will damage your hearing. These sounds generally damage the sensitive arrangements in inner ear causing NIHL or noise-induced hearing loss.

NIHL may be immediate. Sometimes, it may even take long to be perceptible. It may be permanent or temporary. One ear or sometimes both the ears may be affected. When such a situation occurs, you may have trouble in hearing like not being able to figure out everything clearly when other people talk especially in a noisy environment or over phone.

Exposure to damaging noise may occur at any stage of life. Anyone including teens, children, older people and younger generation can have NIHL. However, regardless of who it may affect and how it may affect, one thing is sure-it is preventable. It is the only kind of hearing loss, which is preventable completely. The only thing you need to do to protect hearing for life is you need to understand the risks of noise and how to practice good hearing health.

Here are a few things that you need to do to prevent NIHL from happening.

  • Wear earplugs when you are in a place where there is loud noise above 85 decibels
  • If you are unable to protect yourself from the loud noise or reduce it, just move away from that place
  • Be careful about hazardous noises that occur in the environment
  • Protect ears of kids and toddlers who are unable to give protection to their own selves
  • Make your friends, colleagues and family aware of the hazards of noise
  • Have a hearing assessment in Bulleen if you think you may experience hearing loss

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