Warning on Buying Counterfeit Goods in New Zealand

Counterfeiters cashing in on the consumer goods have gone beyond fake Rolex watches and Gucci purses for making money in New Zealand. They are ripping off everything right from pharmaceuticals to electronics to toothpaste.

intellectual property investigations


Counterfeiting product has become a multi-billion dollar industry globally. It is very much profitable and its risks of considerable legal consequences are significantly low. However, profits of this industry have been shown to fund organized criminal acts. One of the reputed detectives in New Zealand said that the networks of the international organized crimes involved in fraud and corruption were actually behind more serious crimes like trafficking humans, illicit goods and drugs.

For the consumers, product counterfeiting means an increased risk in health as well as safety, buying inferior products and losing jobs. It New Zealand alone, it has been estimated that counterfeiting has caused loss of thousands of jobs.

Shoppers are urged to consider the link between fake goods and organized crime available through the online retailers. New Zealand Police are giving their full support to Turn Back Crime campaign of the Interpol claiming to highlight dangers of the organized as well as crimes in other forms and their consequences on everyday life. Shoppers are advised to do their work by only purchasing from a reputed retailer both on high street and online.

Intellectual property loss and theft of trade secrets can cost an organization million dollars in the market share. It sometimes even damages the competitive advantage. So, taking steps for preventing these kinds of incidents from occurring is important and when these kinds of incidents take place, a fast and thoughtful response is all that’s needed. The investigation team at Omega Investigations can help to protect a company’s Intellectual Property Rights and investigate patents, trademarks as well as trade secrets. Omega’s intellectual property investigations service can spot out the perpetrator and get the matter resolved quickly.



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