A Guide to Proper Freezing of Foods

food wrapping machineThis is the gardening season. During this time most of us store vegetables in the freezer. But while doing so, we should keep in mind to use proper materials for freezing as that would retain its color, flavor, moisture and nutritional values.
There are various packages for freezer that can retain moisture-vapor. These are durable, leak proof, flexible and crack resistant at low temperatures.
Let’s see some best freezing packages for home.

Rigid Containers:
These are perfect for all food especially liquid foods. They are generally made of plastics and glasses. It is noticed that glass containers can break at low temperature so buy freeze proof glass containers. You can also buy wide mouth jars as it will help to remove the frozen food from the jars very easily. But the containers should be small and stackable.
Wrapping bags:
These are the perfect choice for storing products that have little liquids. They are usually made up of plastics and aluminum foils and are of heavy duty. Businesses involved in food packaging usually use a food wrapping machine  to seal the foods in these packages.

Here are some tips for good storing:

• Use a marker to mark the dates of freezing on each packed food.

• Keep the newest packaged foods at the back of the freezer and old ones in the front.

• Do not freeze crisp vegetables like the ones which are going to be used for salad and sandwiches such as celery onions bell papers as they will lose their crispness due to freezing.

• Don’t keep eggs as they can break the shell, also do not keep boiled eggs it will become stiff and rubbery.

• Cool down the cooked food before placing them in the freezer. If the food is hot, it will increase the temperature of the freezer and start defrosting.

• Always keep foods in small sizes. Estimate the portion size for your family and keep them in small containers. It will take less space for freezing.


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