Chest Building Workout Tips for Beginners

A lean and crafty chest is one of the attractive parts of a male physique. A perfect chest can be achieved by following proper workout regime and right exercises. However, beginners make mistakes by doing bench press with barbells for improving chest muscles.

protein supplements in Ireland Below I have discussed the best workouts which are perfect for building chest muscles for a beginner.

  1. Dumbbell and bench press:

It is one of the best ways to build mass and give shapes to the chest. This workout allows you to stretch your muscle up to a greater range of motion. This technique stimulates more muscle fibers and enhances growth. Bench press with dumbbells is harder than doing it with barbell variety. It is advisable for the beginners as it requires strength to complete it. As beginners will sooner start developing strength in the chest it will be beneficial for them to develop the muscles faster.

  1. Inclined dumbbell bench press:

Benefits of using inclined dumbbells bench is the same as discussed above. This workout gives effects on the upper part of the chest muscle. This is an advice for the beginners who have never done this workout before; doing this workout requires more strength than doing with barbells. You will start seeing the differences after couple of disciplined training. It is noticed that people in Ireland prefer this workout for evenly grooved chest. For beginners it is advisable to take protein supplements in Ireland for building more muscles.

  1. Parallel bar dips:

This technique is helpful for shaping and building mass. It works directly on pectoral region. All you need to do is hold the handle of the dip apparatus and make your body suspended between them. Lean forward inhale, lower yourself and exhale as you push yourself up to the starting point.

  1. Weighted pushups:

A normal pushup works with compound effects on triceps, chest and shoulders. As a beginner you can do 3 sets of 15-20 pushups. Then you can try 5-10 pounds of barbell plates on your back while doing the pushups. Keep your back straight and head in line with the head.


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