How Insurance Fraud Investigation is done?


The fraud cases in the insurances and other commercial areas are increasing day by day. Highly trained professional people are hired to carry out the insurance fraud investigation process. The teams who carry out the investigation are specially trained and are well experienced. There are many companies that carry out a secret investigation by employing expert investigators for carrying out fraud investigations services.It has been found that one out of ten people submit deceiving insurance claim. The investigation team checks each and every claim to see if there are any fraudulent activities being carried on.

The investigators carry out the investigation step by step. At the initial stage they find out the fact whether the claim is genuine. If the claim does not appear to be genuine, they decide to carry out covert surveillance service. This covert surveillance operation includes various methods like static surveillance, covert electronic surveillance and mobile surveillance. While carrying out covert surveillance service the investigation team uses unmarked vans or cars or sometimes motorcycles to continue the fraud investigation services. In order to get the best possible result, they also use cameras and recorders to record evidences. Static surveillance is done from a particular building or vehicle to get any kind of photographic evidences. All the information gathered during this operation should be presented with the help of a DVD.

While carrying out the electronic surveillance process, special discreet cameras are used to record the arrival of people. The date and time sensors are activated in these cameras to get the exact records. In case of mobile surveillance, mobile technologies and internet are used to carry out the investigation process. The insurance fraud investigation teams who are assigned in the case have the right to use the best art surveillance equipments. The best equipments help them to get the best result while carrying out the investigation.


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