Types of Private Investigators


Private investigators always track down information and data to resolve various financial, legal and personal disputes. The role of private investigators has become more enriched and complex with changing dynamics of the business scenario. With the passage of time various categories of private investigations have emerged with diverse roles and the field becoming more specialized. Here are different types of private investigators.

General private investigators

General Private Investigators are hired to collect different types of facts, figures and data for clients. They perform different functions like tracing down missing individuals, collecting information in a child custody battle or a controversial divorce case. Sometimes even corporate managers hire general private investigators to get financial information about those individuals who are reluctant to pay back debts. The managers may also need the general private investigators to recover property that has been stolen. The general private investigators use various techniques to gather information and facts like internet research, background investigation and surveillance. They also use CCTV camera footage to solve complex cases. These days there are many detective agencies which provide private investigation service to people.

Corporate investigators

Corporate investigators have very complex roles as they are hired by their clients to gather and unravel important information related to business and industrial sector. Corporate managers depend on them for reviewing the history of merger and acquisition case. The business leader may hire them to expose information which will protect their investments. Corporate private investigators may be given the role to check whether an employee of a company has any criminal background or not. While conducting the investigation they review various computers and telephonic records. They also gather information and probe into theft case or a fraud masterminded by an employee of the company.

Legal investigators

Legal investigators are those investigators who gather facts and data involving litigation. They gather proofs and evidences through procedures like surveillance, background checks or with the help of interviews. Since they are engaged in preparing the trial they should be well versed with the evidence rules and also the procedures of the court to make sure whatever evidence and information they have collected is obtained legally and not by any unfair or foul means.

Cyber investigators

With the advent of digital age life has become comfortable and convenient but at the same time the digital age also poses many hazards too as it has given birth to a new kind of crime known as the cyber crime. Cyber investigators deal with complex and hi tech cyber crimes such as computer infringement, cyber terrorism, cyber fraud and cyber threat and harassment. The cyber investigators may be assigned to solve confrontation regarding identity theft as well as cyber harassment.The task requires technical knowledge for retrieving and tracking facts and data from the computers.

The article endeavors to highlight different types of private investigations and intends to throw a flood of light on the complex roles they play in our society.


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