New High-Tech Bed Makes You Want to Retire Yours.

Inspector's Gadgets

6 The Tranquility Pod Alberto Frias

Beds are good. Waterbeds with comfy pillows are better. But a waterbed that plays music and gives you a massage based on the rhythm is totally insane!

The Tranquility Pod, made by Hammacher Schlemmer, is the bed that your bed wants to grow up to be. The measurements of this pod is about 78″ in diameter, 42″ tall and weighs about 350 pounds. The beauty behind this giant, circular water bed is the fact that it is equipped with a four-speaker surround sound system with 80-watts of power, and the music comes from your personal iPhone, iPod, or Android smartphone. The subwoofer inside the pod, underneath the mattress, creates gentle vibrations throughout your body to give you your own personal massage.

The exterior of the pod is made from fiberglass that’s been smoothed into a shinny white gel coating. The bed also has a pulse sensor that is triggered by…

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