Different kinds of Investigations


Investigations always  help in tracking down information and data to resolve various financial, legal and personal disputes .The role of investigation  has become more enriched and complex with changing dynamics of the business scenario. With the passage of time different kinds of investigations has emerged. Here is the detail of different kinds of investigations.

Civil investigations-Civil investigations refer to those cases which deal with lawsuits, divorce, and personal injury. However it does not involve cases which deal with breach of laws.

Criminal investigations-Criminal investigations includes probe to those cases which are involved with criminal offences. Serious crimes like murder, rape, assault, robbery, burglary, etc come under the category of criminal investigations.

Background investigations-This kind of investigations are undertaken to resolve disputes involving personnel working in the company. It makes probe into history, financial condition and credentials of an individual and checks whether he is suitable for that particular job or eligible for taking loans or borrow credit. Background investigations in New Zealand is done with the help of surveillance method like CCTV camera footage to make probe into staff fraud, disputes involving employees, bullying, abusing, theft and false injury claims.

Corporate investigations– Corporate investigations are very complex as they investigate cases involving corporate crimes and frauds. Corporate investigators are hired by their clients to gather and unravel important information related with corporate sector. Corporate managers depend on corporate investigations for reviewing the history of merger and acquisition case. The business leaders need corporate investigation to protect their investments. Corporate investigation   makes probe into whether an employee of a company has any criminal background or not. While conducting the investigation investigators review various computers and telephonic records. They also gather information and probe into theft case or a fraud masterminded by an employee of the company.

Cyber investigation-With the advent of science and technology life has become comfortable but at the same time it poses many hazards too. One such hazard is known as the cyber crime.Cyber investigations deal with cases involving complex and hi tech cyber crimes such as computer infringement, cyber terrorism, cyber fraud, cyber threat and harassment.


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