5 Gadgets That Can Make Your Life Easier in 2014

5 Gadgets for 2014

Here is a list of the modern tech-gadgets that have come out. Have a look at them.

Washable Keyboard

Could you ever think of using a keyboard that’s washable? The concept was unimaginable before twenty years when computers first came on the market. However, now washable keyboards are available. This means even if you spill over a food item or a drink on the computer keyboard, you do not need to worry about it any more because you can clean it completely without damaging the keys and the circuitry. It is water-resistant and can survive even if it is fully submerged in water for cleaning out the stickiest liquids and grittiest grit.

iQ Alarm Clock

The iQ alarm clock is very much different from the traditional alarm clocks that we have used for years to wake up. This alarm clock will not only make a loud noise to get you up and move you out of bed; it does a lot more things. You cannot even get away with hitting the snooze and falling back to sleep. To stop this alarm, you will need to answer some brainstorming questions. In fact, in order to shut off this alarm, people wake up faster.

Smart Food-Scaning Fridge

This is a fridge connected to the Internet. It comes up with a 16.7 million-color LCD and has a touch panel loaded with something same like Android OS. The smart fridge makes use of infra-red scanners as well as RFID readers for scanning the barcodes of the items that you have purchased and kept in the fridge. It will remind you when you are out of eggs, low on milk etc.  It can also interface with your smartphone and suggest meals for you from the online sources, and order your groceries automatically.

Wormhole USB Switch

If you are computer technician who often needs to transfer files from one computer to another, the wormhole USB switch can be very useful to you. It is a USB adapter, which pairs up two computers, swipes and makes few clicks to copy all data. There are several wormhole versions available.

Digital Pen

A digital pen is an input device that can capture your brush strokes or handwriting. It can convert your handwritten analog information that’s created by using paper and pen into digital data, allowing the data to be used in different applications. For example, your writing info can be digitized and uploaded to a PC and displayed on its screen. The data can then be interpreted by OCR or handwritten software and utilized just as graphics or in various applications.

Many other gadgets like a private cloud, 3D camera, raspberry pi, robot vacuum cleaner and twitter controlled coffee machine have also come out. However, the above-mentioned ones are the top five tech-gadgets that can make your life easier in 2014.


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