Experience Yummy Novelty Cakes in Brisbane

Novelty cakes are shaped something other than traditional or rectangle cake. Cakes which are shaped as baby carriage, baseball, teddy bear, or cactus are popularly known as novelty cakes. These cakes are completed by either piped frosting and also painted. Novelty cakes are like other form of art.

Instructions to make luscious and appetizing novelty cakes

  • First, you have to select the form of the cake that you desire. There are thousands of cake molds, varying from the two dimensional flower to three dimensional castle. The three dimensional cakes require two cake pans which are to be blend together after baked and cooled. You can easily find the cake molds at cooking and baking stores and also at online boutiques.
  • Next, you have to bake the cake and let it be cool before decorating. You can use any cake recipe which you like the most while making novelty cakes. These cakes must be completely covered in frosting after baking.
  • Then, piece the cakes together and then freeze. As these cakes are miniature of different models, different colors need to be added. Then you can use butter-cream or the cheese cream or eyeballs and fish stripes. Think the cake as an art and make it creative and realistic by using forks and toothpicks.
  • Decide the figure on which you will carve the dimensions of the cake. If you want to carve large structure that’s greater in width and height, then you have to bake several cake trays and have to pile them within layers of icing until the height desired is reached. Only after the greatest height is reached, then only the carving must begin.
  • You can carve your sculpture by using a sharp knife. The cake depending on your designs must have the largest pieces. The other pieces, like the arms and scales, dinosaur tail can be carved from the excess cake and can be attached later by using royal icing. Carving completely depends on your ability of execution and patience. Small details like the fur, eyes, and ears can be done by frosting application.
  • Next cover every section of the cake in rolled fondant. Fondant is usually a sugar based cover which is used mainly on professional wedding cakes. If required, you can use the candy pieces on the sculpture. If you are using a rolled fondant, you can cover the cake with the thin layer of icing which will act as the glue. Smooth all the air bubbles and cut off excess draping.

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